We Are YOUR Hammer. 


You know what a hammer is, now how do you use one?  Here’s how you can describe SharpCFO to anyone in your network.


Like a hammer can be used in several applications to build, assemble, or destroy, we can be used to build profitability, assemble a winning mix of systems, and destroy uncertainty.


  1. Cash Flow. We speak the language, and have tools, reports, education, and guidance to offer when you or someone you know struggles with the five main areas of cash flow:
    1. Revenue
    2. Cost of Goods
    3. Payables
    4. Receivables
    5. Inventory


  1. Infrastructure and Planning. A Chief Financial Officer will analyze your business operating systems inside and out to ensure the best systems are in place; that’s CRM, ERP, Accounting, and any other process which manages your business.  Additionally your CFO will set up the business to ensure maximum tax benefit via the company’s accountant or one from our network.


  1. Risk Management. Our team and your CFO will minimize risk to your organization.  Each system will be reviewed to ensure optimal coverage.
    1. Insurance
    2. Employee Benefits
    3. Legal
    4. Human Resources
    5. Information Security/IT


  1. Capital Structure. A CFO will use his/her connections to review the financial needs of the business, will assist in obtaining financing, and will balance the costs of capital in your business.
    1. Financing Options
    2. Calculating and managing costs of capital
    3. Debt vs. Equity


  1. Transition Planning and Strategy.  We identify the right path for exiting the business, and work with the management to team to ensure proper valuation, business staging, knowledge transfer, and full support during and after the sale- including listing if necessary.
    1. ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)
    2. IPO (Initial Public Offering)
    3. Sale to a key employee
    4. Sale to a family member
    5. Sale to a competitor or similar service
    6. Sale on the open market



Buzz Words…


Here are some things to listen for.  When you hear it, use your hammer!


“I need operating capital”


“I can’t make payroll”


“I have too many receivables”


“How do I collect on my receivables?”


“I have so much revenue, why can’t I make a profit?”


“How do I get rid of all of this excess inventory?”


“I’m thinking about selling my business”


“How can I recover from such a huge loss?”


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