Every company has core values-   but what do they REALLY mean to the company?   At SharpCFO, we've tirelessly worked to define our core.

We hire on these principles, uphold them with our clients, and rate our referral partners based on their application of each.

  1. Approachable & Judgment Free- No matter what happened in your situation, we'll help you get out of it.   More than likely, we've seen it worse, and have maybe even been through it ourselves in our careers with other companies.  We're here to help-  at the end of the day we all shop at the same grocery store.
  2.  Authentic- We're just us.   The same people we are when we have our first conversation as the people during the project.   No matter what happens, you're getting a team of "real people" who have been there.
  3. Thirst for Knowledge- We strive to be better today than we were yesterday.  In fact, our ideal client and referral partners also must operate to this same standard.   Learn something new!
  4. Value Relationships-  We don't violate the fragility of each relationship we have-  whether it be with a referral partner, client, employee, or vendor.