Beth Sidley

Meet Beth Sidley, our Director of Administration, who has been with us since October 2019. Beth is bred from a very successful family business, R.W. Sidley, Inc. (where she remains as an active member of the Board), and moved into several entrepreneurial roles. She is an expert quilter, owned her own quilt shop in Chardon, Ohio, and co-founded TUCKER UNIVERSITY, LLP.

Beth is tasked with helping to develop and manage our internal processes, as well as guide Ryan Dietrich away from the squirrels he wants to chase.

Here's Beth!

Rob Simon

Meet Rob Simon, our Regional Area President, covering our Cleveland (OH), Pittsburgh (PA), Columbus (OH), and Detroit (MI) markets.  Rob is tasked with forging deep connections with our strategic partners, as well as set up new clients with our team of chief financial officers, controllers, and analysts.

Rob is a graduate of Ohio University (he's a Bobcat, not a Buckeye) and he spent almost 30 years in the transportation industry with a moving/storage company.  He is an avid fan of cash flow strategies and risk mitigation techniques and will talk your ear off about tricks that worked for him.

Rob is a guy you need to know!

Lou Garcia

Meet Lou Garcia , one of our expert Area CFOs covering the Cleveland, Ohio, market, as he shares some bio information as well as personal advice for small business owners. Lou, a small business owner himself, has experience owning and managing his own winery in California (Stover Oaks Winery).

On top of managing his own, he was the CFO of several wineries, and acts as the Vice President and Treasurer of the Association of African American Vintners.

Lou is passionate about product costing, and is our subject matter expert when it comes to the wine making, distilling, and brewing processes.

Enjoy a word from Lou Garcia, and call him anytime:

800-734-1780 x704

Rich Hurey

Meet Rich Hurey, our Area CFO in Pittsburgh, PA.  Rich is a cash flow genius, having over two decades of experience working with small businesses in retail, service based businesses, and construction.


Rich has developed his own reporting tool to help with tracking the operations of the business, with a roll up to a customized dash board.


Rich is serving Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania, and Eastern Ohio.


Jim Nargang


Meet Jim Nargang, our Area CFO in the Columbus, Ohio market. Jim has extensive experience in public accounting and finance, and LOVES cash flow, analytics, and providing strategic support to clients. Jim can be reached at, or by calling 800-734-1780 x706.

Ryan Dietrich

Ryan Dietrich, our Founder and CEO, discusses why we he started the business in 2018, and why we do what we do.

We at SharpCFO strive to treat every relationship as humans- not robots.  We have a fully accountable team of professionals.  Reach out to Ryan anytime at