In such a competitive marketplace where we compete with large, national and regional companies AND smaller single-shingle providers how do we differentiate?   It's a tough world!


  1. Approachability- We're just regular people helping regular people.  At the end of the day, we're all shopping at the same grocery store to feed our family.   We don't need stuffy suits to look smart- each of our people bring 20+ years of experience in their field.   We're a young, scrappy company- and we want to help make you successful (as regular people).
  2. Bench Strength-  You're buying an entire organization-  not just one CFO.   Maybe you need specialized banking help?   Or you've got a specific question relative to inventory?   When our CFO is placed on a project, he/she has our company and our resources to rely on.   You can't get that with a single operator.
  3. Specialized Skill Sets-  This is so important to our business model.  Why?   Because we don't place a CFO or project manager who has no experience in your industry.   Our folks are specialized in your industry, they've worked there for 20+ years, and understand the nuances of the business.   Numbers AREN'T numbers in every industry!  And we don't take a job if we don't have a CFO for the task.
  4. Our People are OUR People-  That's right, everyone is a W-2 employee.   That means we have project control and our people are personally invested in our company's success- not their own self-interests.   Because they're invested in SharpCFO, they are rewarded by our success- and YOUR success!  Not sure why this is relevant?   Ask a large competitor of ours if their representatives pay to be in the company (hint: they do).