We’re now halfway into our week, and some of us are still adjusting to this new “normal”.   If you’re like me, you’ve been working remotely and from a home office for quite some time.  But, what if you’re spouse or significant other is now forced to work from home?


My wife works at a large corporation where she typically goes to her office daily.   Every Friday she works from home, where we are together- but that’s Friday, and to be honest isn’t the most productive day of the week anyway.  Now, she has to go from corporate life to home life.  It’s quite a leap.


She was sent home yesterday with the expectation that she will be home for a while.  She came home with a second monitor, a docking station, and uncertainty in her mind for how she will be able to support her directors and managers as she does every day.


Our business is virtual and remote anyway- and our disruption (to Rob’s dismay) is really only that we can’t meet our friends at a restaurant, bar, or library like we usually do.  We all work out of our homes in this business, so we’re used to it-  but our spouses aren’t, and we aren’t used to having them around all day.


So, what are the challenges?


  1. We are usually apart 40 hours per week, and now we aren’t.
  2. We both make phone calls all day.
  3. We both have daily habits that the other has no interest in- for example, I listen to the radio all day… she hates it.
  4. There are TONS of distractions around- laundry, we want to talk about personal issues, I REALLY want to put in a garden, and we want to keep checking the news for updates.
  5. Our daily routine has COMPLETELY changed, overnight.


These are just a few- but it’s been quite interesting to get used to it.


How are we adjusting?  Well, it’s only Day 1, but we’re trying.


  1. We set up a makeshift office for her in our second bedroom, where she can close to the door to make phone calls.
  2. I am doing my best to respect her space and am being a good listener as she vents her frustrations about this new work life.
  3. We are both trying really hard to understand each other’s needs, but we’re still married- and there’s a reason it’s not always healthy to work with your spouse (although some can do it).
  4. I am keeping her glass full of whatever beverage she needs. Happy wife, happy life.
  5. I plan to take a walk every day, at “lunch”, to keep physically active.


Seriously though, it’s going to be a long ride.   Let’s all buckle up and be ready, while we love our spouses and give them the space they also need to get work done.


We’d love to hear some of your stories, as we navigate through these uncertain times.   Someone said “we should keep a diary”.  I agree.

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