How much do you really want to know about us?   We'd really rather get to know you...

There are HUNDREDS of companies and individuals and accounting firms who want to be your CFO.  Why should WE be your CFO?   What even is a CFO?

It's not about US.

We want to know about YOUR business.

  1. How did you start?
  2. What's your 'why'?
  3. Where do you want to go with the business?
  4. How can we help get you there?
  5. When do you want to achieve your goals?

Ready to learn more?   Give us a call.

After you call, we'll lead you through an initial set of questions and set up a follow up visit to learn all about your business.  Then we'll put together a plan to answer the questions above.

Who do we work with?

Funded For profit organizations $500k-$30Million in annual revenue.

Funded Non profit organizations of any size.

What if you're an organization below $500k in revenues?

We have a solution for you!  Similar to Business Coaching, we pair you up with an advisor (or team of advisors) who specializes in micro-businesses.  He/she will coach you, act as an advisory board, and get you ready for the part time CFO.

What if you're an organization above $30M in revenue?

Great!  We will help find your perfect internal full time CFO.   Our research and work has found that a company at this threshold needs a full time body- and that level of expertise.  We'll facilitate the hand off, and follow up as ongoing support.