What We Provide to Your Organization

SharpCFO provides functional, driven, experienced Chief Financial Officers (CFO), Controllers, and Analysts to your organization. Your CFO will guide you through a rigorous test of your company's processes with an end result of optimal productivity, efficiency, and operational effectiveness.

Chief Financial Officers

Our CFOs are employed by SharpCFO (not contractors or franchisees), therefore are a fully accountable staff of executives with 20+ years of experience either owning a business, or as the top-level financial executive. Our CFO team specializes in cash flow management, capital financing, risk mitigation, and infrastructure in a variety of industries.

Exit Planning and Strategy

SharpCFO has teamed up with Vend Advisors, LLC., a firm based in Cleveland, Ohio which assists owners of companies wishing to exit the business, hand over ownership to someone in the family, sell the company, or any other form of ownership transition.

Financial Planning & Analysis

SharpCFO employs in-house financial planning, budgeting, and analytical experts who stay up late at night developing reports and spreadsheets to analyze our clients' businesses. Need a report developed? We do that. Want to understand your financial statements? We do that, too.

Our Core Values

We operate on 5 Core Values that we use to serve our clients' needs:

1. Learning: We take the time to learn our clients' business by not giving a time limit on our discovery work. It might take a day, or 3 days, or a month, but we want to learn, and take our time doing it, at no cost to our clients.

2. Relationships: We focus on building and caring for internal and external relationships. We value the time it takes to foster and grow together, and don't take for granted our referral partners.

3. Trust: No relationship can exist without mutual trust. We promise to uphold ethical and moral integrity, and it goes without saying that everything we do with our clients is confidential and mutually beneficial.

4. Communication: Without 2-way communication that guides the process, there is no relationship. We strive to listen to and deliver content that is relevant to the business and the future of the relationship.

5. Resolution: Our goal is to resolve the issue, not waste time and resources. We work in a productive, effective manner to answer the question(s) raised during discovery, and leave with a definitive delivered to our clients.

Our Markets

Currently we have sales offices in:

Cleveland, OH
Columbus, OH
Pittsburgh, PA
Detroit, MI

We are seeking expansion regionally and nationally. If you are outside of our existing footprint, we can still serve you or your clients virtually.